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Final exam
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Final Exam for Forensics 1


For your final project, you must produce a poster on a famous case that was solved using forensic science.  Your poster should:


1. be standard poster-board size.                                                       

2. be attractive and eye-catching.  Be creative, but appropriate!                                           

3. be easy to read.  Use Spellcheck and edit your work.                                                       

4. explain what crime(s) was/were committed.                                  

5. explain who perpetrated the crime.                                                

6. explain when the crime was committed.                                        

7. explain where the crime was committed.                                       

8. explain who the investigator(s) was/were.                                     

9. completely describe the evidence that was found and where it was found.                     

10. explain how forensic science was used to analyze this evidence, in other words, what      

      tests and kinds of analysis might have been used?  Use the knowledge you have

      gained in class to describe the steps investigators might have taken.  If you did not   

      learn about how some of this evidence can be tested or analyzed in class, research

      them. Cite your sources!  

12. explain what the results of these forensic tests were and how they were used to

      make a link to the suspect.                                                                       

13. give an explanation of the final outcome of the case including whether or not the      

      suspect was caught, proven guilty or innocent, and what sentence was handed down. 

      If the suspect is still at large, or if the case was never solved, explain its current status.

14. include at least three good sources.  Include a properly formatted bibliography.                                   

Your project is due in the Science Office by 10:00 on Monday morning.  Any posters handed in after this deadline will incur a 10-point penalty.  You may pass your poster in early if you wish.  Below are some crimes/criminals which/who may interest you.  Everyone must choose a different criminal and so first come, first served.  Many of these are serial killer cases.  If you are interested in a case or a different kind of crime not listed below, see me.  I’m open to new ideas!


Ronald Cotton                        Lindbergh kidnapping                         Charles Albright

Richard Crafts                        Chandra Levy                                     Richard Angelo

Amanda Davies                      JFK assassination                                Joe Ball

Green River killer                    Mathison murder                                 Martha Jule Beck

Hamm kidnapping                  Sherman case                                      David Berkowitz

Jeffrey MacDonald                 Martin Luther King, Jr. assass.             Robert Berdella

Georgi Markov                        Zodiac killer                                        Kenneth Bianchi

Colin Ross                               Jeffrey Dahmer                                   Robert Charles Brown           

Wayne Williams                      Krista Worthington murder                  Ted Bundy

Angelo Buono                         OJ Simpson trial                                  Richard Chase

Deal Corll                                Charles Cullen                                    Albert DeSalvo

Nannie Doss                            Mack Ray Edwards                            Kendall Francois

Albert Fish                              Wayne Adam Ford                             Joseph Paul Franklin

John Wayne Gacy                   Donald Henry Gaskins                        Edward Gein

Kristen Gilbert                        Vincent Johnson                                  Leonard Lake

Derrick Todd Lee                   Eddie Leonski                                     Henry Lee Lucas


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